Ok I know there are already a few 720 threads but..


May 28, 2009
I am using a stock cooler, and I dont want to go to crazy. First I upped the multiplyer to 15 to get 3.0GHz. Then I upped the voltage to 1.35 and the multiplyer to 16. Seems stable at 3.2GHz so far. My question is, what effect does raising the voltage have? Did I need to raise it to 1.35 or would 1.325 be fine?

And lastly, with speedfan I get 3 temp reading. CPU,MB and Core. Core is usually 27-30 at idle and CPU is usually 35 at idle. After 10 minutes of Prime 95 the CPU temp hit 50 and the Core temp seemed to top at 48. So which is the temp to go by, and are these temps safe?