Aug 7, 2008
i disabled c1e and speedstep, so that means my q9300 should be running at 2.5GHz all the time, right? so when i open cpu-z, it reports 2.3GHz. why? i did go into nvidia control panel and upped my cpu fsb to 360MHz which put my cpu at 2.5GHz. so does it sound like im doing ok with overclocking? i just want to reach 2.6GHz at least.
Whats happening is that your mulitplier has been set to 7.0 when it should be 7.5.

7.0 X 333 = 2.331GHZ
7.0 x 360 = 2.520GHz

Go into your BIOS and set your CPU multiplier to 7.5. This should get you to:

7.5 X 333 = 2.50GHz
7.5 X 360 = 2.70GHz