OK to re-use an old WC radiator?


Feb 19, 2007
Hey all, I am putting together a loop to cool my 4870x2, and I was just wondering if my old danger den black ice rad is still ok to use. It has been sitting in storage for 2+ years, so corrosion may be a problem, I just don't know.

What do you think?


Contributing Writer
I would definately flush it with clear water several times, dumping it into a bucket or bowl to see what actually comes out. That might be the best way to tell what the guts look like...if there is scale or anything else in there, something should come out (dried).


Sep 28, 2006
If you have these materials, this is a good way to clean it, as I had a 2x120 i flushed using these methods and it cleans your pump too. Take two buckets, preferably 5 gal, and almost fill one. Mix in some radiator flush (I know it needs heat to completely work but its probably better than tapwater alone). Take a length of tubing and stick it towards the bottom of the bucket, and connect it to the pump in and be sure to prime it so you dont ruin your pump. From the pump, go to the radiator and finally from the rad out to the empty bucket. This is the drainage unit and it will prevent messes and environmental contamination. Fire up the system (any 12v wall adapter will work if you dont want to hook up to your pc's supply) and let the whole bucket move through the circuit. When its almost empty fill with clean water and flush a little more. This ensures all has been removed from the radiator. If this makes sense, give it a try if you like and let me know if it helped as this method removed lots of trash from my system.


Dec 30, 2005
You can also clean it really good using a mixture of about 10% white vinegar and 90% warm distilled water. Fill the rad with the mix, cover the holes and shake it a bit, then let it sit for a few hours (shaking occassionaly). Empty, and flush several times with plain distilled water.