Ok what next



ive owned the Arma2 game for a while and have a helpfull book on how to create your own lvl...but its not adding up. here's my example:

find a location that is best for you. place yer group and enemies as well as patrols for both if u choose,Next... type grp1 = group this.assuming thats for a trigger.

then add a dynamic Object, pick gamelogic and set it by what ever u want, Call it what you want. I choose a Bridge, and call it bridgemonitor, next i place a trigger and set A and B axis to "0" then type
!alive nearestObject [bridgemonitor, "House"]; into Cond field. in the same box under Act" i type bridgedestroyed "SUCCEEDED"Placing a Marker and setting propper settings to it as well. i then type in "TEXT" Destroy the Bridge". Save my game under PCG Patrol init.sqf and in that file type Bridgedestroyed = player createSimpleTask ["Destroy the bridge"]; then...bridgedestroyed setsimpletaskdestination (get marker pos "bridgemarker");....when i preview the game its not there at all. is there something thier leaving out that u have to do?? Do i sync the Bluefor Grp and add another trigger or just add the Sync to the trigger provided.

i would really appreciate the answer if anyone makes it through my questionare.......thanx Quazar