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Question Old AMD Motherboard, ram issue

Jul 15, 2020
Hi guys, I have an old am2+ amd motherboard from ASUS and I have one issue with it related to ram.
whenever I want to change the component like cpu or ram, or heatsink from the motherboard, and turn the pc back on, the first few minutes it just couldn't detect my ram sticks.

  • AMD Phenom II x4 955
  • Asus M4A78T-E
  • Kingston 4 GB => 2x2gb 1333Mhz
Here are the steps to reproduce the problem:
  1. Unplug power cable from psu
  2. Take out the motherboard, take out ram sticks, cpu from the motherboard
  3. Install everything back to motherboard
  4. Plug the power cable to psu
  5. Turn on the pc
The pc will then just boot with black screen and few beeps, forgot what the beep is, but it is telling me something wrong with my ram sticks.

  1. Turn off the pc
  2. Wait a few minutes, do nothing, just let the power cable plugin to psu like 15-20 mins.
  3. Turn the pc back on
The pc will then boot just fine, no faulty memory sticks, have checked with memtestx86.

Now I know that the mobo is old and I should probably upgrade, but I just want to know the reason why is this happening.
Maybe someone has logical explanation to this problem?
Thanks guys