Question Old-Build: PC not starting

Mar 3, 2019
Hi friends,

A couple of weeks ago, my PC started intermittently being unable to boot with increasing frequency. When that occurs, the case fans will spin, and the CPU fan will twitch once before failing to reach BIOS, and the PC will reboot itself again and again. Sometimes, on one of the reboots, the PC will start successfully past the BIOS screen, in which case, there won't be a problem for that session. For the past week or so, no boots have happened successfully.

I have tried: (1) Reseating the CMOS battery and shorting the CMOS jumpers; (2) Reseating RAM and using either of both sticks individually; (3) removing GPU and connecting monitor directly to MOBO. None of this has worked. Starting with no RAM installed will result in three long beeps, otherwise none.

I am thinking that my next step will be to replace the PSU. In the event that that fails as well, I was wondering whether it would be more economical to start a new build from scratch, or try replacing the mobo.

- As the PC is now about 5 years old (built in 2014), the only LGA1150 mobo available is the Gigabyte H81M-DS2. If that fails, then it is unlikely that I will be able to procure another Intel 4th generation processor to test.

- But for a new build, I will need to replace everything as my DDR3-1600 RAM, current processor, and GPU will all be incompatible with anything sold today.

Just wondering what you guys would see as the most economical option? Are the symptoms I am seeing likely to be a Mobo issue, or could it be a processor issue as well (in which case I will need to new build)?



Jan 7, 2018
Unless you take it to a repair shop to check booting it up with spare components i cant say for sure.Its easy to say its the PSU but it might be the mobo too.