Old case (antec sx830) still useable?


Oct 9, 2008
Here're two links about the case:

I got it in 2001 when I built my first computer. I'm thinking about building a new one pretty soon, and I was wondering whetehr I could save myself about $80 by using my old case. It's supposed to fit ATX and XEON motherboards - as is written on the box (i still have). The size is mid to full tower, I'd say.

Here's hte motherboard I'd like to get atm:

The PSU:

Since the MB and PSU say that they're ATX form, shouldn't that mean they'll fit in the older case? The reason I ask is that sometimes standards change.


Blimey havent seen one of them for a long time.... looks similar on the front to the Chieftec Dragon cases.... well ok the front door / grill bit anyways.

I have always like Antec cases.... my CM690 is about to be ditched in favour of the Antec 1200 :)
An atx power supply will fit in an atx case. You've got a full tower atx case. No problem. However, I am not so sure about the quality of the power supply you are looking at.

Which cpu are you planning on getting?
Which video graphics card are you planning on getting?
Are you going to use mutiple video cards?
Are you a hardcore gamer?
Are you planning on overclocking?


Jan 31, 2010
I'm new here, and I realize this is an old thread (I found it when I Googled Antec SX830 i/o panel). But as you might guess, I have a related question. I too have this Antec case that I used for my first build nearly ten years ago. I've used it constantly this whole time (the last couple years as a backup), and it still works fine with the Iwill KK-266R mobo. But it does clearly have its limitations with current technologies. It's a spare that I use in the basement for browsing, music, etc. I was thinking of building something new (and hopefully cheaply). My question about reusing this case is whether or not the i/o panel will work with a newer mobo with its many more connectors (possible something like this). Can I just somehow remove the old i/o panel and use the new mobo without it? Or just what are my options?


May 2, 2007
The box for the new Mainboard will most likely have a new I/O gasket inside..
As was stated above, any atx case will work with ATX just about anything.. with noted exceptions for long video cards and the like..
and the case is just sheet metal to hold everything together anyway right?
If appearance is not an issue I say recycle any time you can. - the case, floppy, dvd rom etc often have absolutely no performance hit on a system . --- although the savings can be questionable - you can often sell the old rig complete for an offset on the new one, rather than salvaging it and being left with a pile of un-sellable parts... -- Edit-- Check to see that proper cooling can be acheived before going with it.. many of the older PC cases really were thermal ineffecient...
Which i/o panel do you mean? I'm guessing you mean the rear panel.

Motherboards come with a rear i/o panel with openings that match the motherboard's i/o ports. It's just a matter of popping out the old panel and inserting the new one. The physical dimension of that rear i/o panel has been standardized for many many years so you should not have a problem.