Old dell dvd drive has trouble reading newer dvd's


Mar 7, 2010
Hello, My old dell dvd drive, Samsung DVD-Rom SD-616, and another drive TSST Corp CDDVDW SH-S202G will not read some of the newer factory made dvd's. Most any dvd i have will play on my pc with no problem. A dvd i purchased not long ago, a kids movie, "CJ7" Sony disc, plays just fine on any of my stand alone, and combo dvd players. When i try to load it on my pc, it does not load, and the drive shows that it is empty? Anyone know what the problem might be. There is nothing wrong with the drives, they are clean. Can i get newer firmware that would correct this problem, or do i need to replace one of the drives to a drive that can read the newer dvd's. If this is the answer, what would be a good choice of a drive to use that would be sure to be able to play all of the newer dvd's? Any help would be very appreaciated! Thank you! Tom
Check your drive cables for something loose either at the drive or going to the board. The first sata cables can come loose easily. The newer ones have clips that lock it in place. Newegg sells both the cables and some thin drives that might fit your dell.

mister g

Mar 6, 2010
Not sure what PC you have but I have a Sony CDRW/DVD on my Dimension and a TSST CD-RW/DVD on my little bro's Inspiron. Anyway on the Dell support site type in your service code and the drivers page should pull up the correct new firmware for your drive if there is one. Updating is a little complicated but if you have any problems I'm usually here.