Old dell PC need some help please


Mar 12, 2007
I had to fix a old *6 years ago* dell that was orignally having what was believed to be a hdd problem, well i fix that with a simple reformat and ran a system checker on my backup pc *which i used to format the hdd due to it being so messed it wouldn't start at random times*.

Well after trying and trying and reinstalling windows twice i believe the ports on the motherboard have gone *not much of a surprize had it happen with a bunch of old computers* well this time its alittle different tho.

The bios kinda loads *does loading screen once in awhile i get no errors but other times it hangs for minutes maybe longer* but when i try to run the hdd and windows the system just tells me that EVERYTHING is not installed, i have never had this problem with any computer ever and after working on it for 8 hours today i gave up, got my 40$ for trying and cried myself home *figurativly of course :)* well i want to know if anyone has a suggestion if they have ran into this problem or am i correct in my estiblishment that the computer is useless and needs to be replaced?

I hate asking questions like this cuz people usually have a simple straight to the point answer, sorry for my typing and my horrible grammar and spelling ect but its late and i want to find out by tomorrow at work what i did wrong if anything. Thanks tons guys -Sum
You got 6 years out of your dell, which is pretty good. You can try ebay or ascendtech, Inc to get a replacement dell board. You'll want to use the same model, since dell cases are proprietary when it comes to boards. If you're not happy with the speed anymore, dell always has several deals. I work at Dell in building 2 in austin as a contract laborer on the boxlines. The other day dell brought in a guy dressed in a penguin outfit for their rolling out of linux ubunto software. They had an e4300 system listed on slickdeals.net with ubunto for around $410 with tax and shipping. It's several days old, but still listed down the page.