Old fx-60 question


Mar 5, 2007
Don't know if anyone out there remembers the old MD fx-60?

Some years ago I built two systems based on fx-60 using AMD A8V deluxe motherboards.
One, (mine), was a raid 0 based system, the other for my daughter was a single drive that still used the promise driver/sata port but in ISA mode.

Anyway, my system I retired some years back and do most of my work on my work laptop these days. My daughter used to use her system until getting a laptop for school and now uses that.
I've taken to use her system at home for various task - but I've noticed that its notriously slow - espeically in start up.

When I look at the task manager, it looks like both cpus of the fx-60 are tracking each other - not exactly the same but close
to the same peaks and valleys of usage. Makes it seem like it operating as a single cpu core. I don't see much actually going on when it starts up through - cpu usuage is low, doesn't seem to be much in the way of I/O - but it takes forever to finish loading the anit-virus software and start a brower up.

I'm wondering two things: I vaguely remember having to load a special driver to take full advantage of both cores (this is XP by the way). Does anyone remember this?

Also, the start up issue has me stumped - could it be the anit-virus software itself that is slowing it down?

Thanks for any help!!!


I as a matter of fact remember this.

Windows is funny in that it either installs a single core version or multi-core version of the OS depending on what CPU type you use first.

The simple way is to reinstall the OS. Before you do that I would advise you that you boot up to a Linux Live CD and see if the issue still persists (no install required).

I can't find the old links anymore for the dual-core optimiser... Weird...


The links don't work...