Sep 19, 2010
Hello folks,

So I am in the process of building my Intel Gaming rig. I have bought all but two items; the HDD and the gpu.

My rig details are i5 2500k, Asus p8z68, Cosair 2x4gb vengance ram with a 650watt XFX psu.

I whipped out a very old hdd that uses XP o/s. The Hdd is from an old dell pentium D pc approx 10years old. Its also s/ata 3gbs.

Will this work on my rig without any problems?

Can I do any damage to my new baby?

I know i should wait for my new hdd but €€€ times are bad.

Any help or tips would be great.



A 10-year-old hard drive? Good luck - and I mean that most sincerely.

Geekapproved, how's that build working out for you? I'm upgrading to that platform soon - hoping it will resolve my framerate drops.
There's no way it's 10yrs old if it's Sata 3gbps.

I love my build. It's green, very low power. My mobo is smaller than my gpu. The cpu sucks about 30w under full load. Really haven't needed to upgrade the gpu yet, it handles everything I throw at it (1680x1050 monitor). When I upgrade to a 24" monitor I'll upgrade the gpu. Already got a brand new 620w Antec psu ready to go (got it for $30 AR, couldn't resist)

Asrock has been top notch too.


I got a great value at $59. The cpu really can't be beat for $100, it destroys the FX4100 in gaming even when it's overclocked to 4.5ghz. The 2120 is faster yet and is only a couple bucks more.