Old HDD , SSD to new build and OS


Feb 24, 2017
I would like to move my 1 Tb HDD and 500 Evo SSD installed on old Hp computer running Win 10 OEM to my new build ( first one ) . I have a new Win 10 Retail USB that I'll use for the new rig . Will I have to wipe the SSD an HDD clean before installing on the new computer ? New rig parts as follows . Asrock Z77 Mobo
16 gig G Skill ram
750 W PSU
i5 3570 ok
H7 cooler.
The best practice is to do a clean install of the OS. If the old computer used an Intel CPU and chipset motherboard. There probably won't be many issues if you just plug it in and boot depending on motherboard settings. Then activate it with the new Product Key. It used to be a huge mess if you did this in the XP days. They improved it with Vista and Windows has gotten to be pretty good about it with Windows 7 through 10.

If you were using an old BIOS computer and want to switch to UEFI. You'll want to do a clean install. Totally formatting the SSD so it goes from MBR to GPT.

If it was so old that it used IDE mode for SATA. Switching to AHCI will be a pain.

As for the HDD. If it was just used for data storage. There isn't much point unless you want to switch from MBR to GPT or NTFS to ExFAT. Which there isn't really any reason to do so.