Question Old House? and Powerline Adaptors


Aug 9, 2016
So I believe I live in an house that was built around 1930-1949 (according to a website) Will powerline work okay with an house of this age?


You would first need to contact the owners of the house and see if the wiring was replaced since it was constructed. If you can't get a hold of them, best avoid powerlines and move towards a wireless networking option for the entire crib. What sort of floor space are you dealing with? What are the walls of the crib made of and how thick are said walls?


Most likely Plaster and Lathe walls, so running ethernet would be challenging.

Houses of that age originally used Knob and Tube wiring, which wouldn't never be able to carry the modern day current we use. Back in the day, it was mainly used just for lighting and phased out after WWII in the 1940's. Wiring then switched to screw in fuses with more branch circuits and eventually to circuit breaker panel boxes we use today.

If you took a picture of the circuit breaker panel, we could tell you better what kind of wiring is in the house. Most likely it is somewhat modern with real copper wires, which are good for powerline.

No modern insurance companies would insure a house with Knob and Tube wiring, also it would be incredibly difficult to get a home loan without upgrading the wiring to modern wiring first. So if the house was purchased in the last 20-30 years, it was most likely updated before sale of the house, or updated with a home improvement type home loan to secure the loan.
It turns out the wiring was replaced 12 years ago, when I moved in, so I believe it may be okay for powerline, I saw that extension cables can alter the connection, how about one of these?
Adaptor 2 Way 3 Pin (
Powerline adapters should always be directly into the wall outlet, get ones with a power outlet passthrough and then use a multi adapter into the powerline if required
Those are what you want but unless money is huge issue I would look at the more expensive ones.

These are the ones that I really makes me not like tplink sometimes. These used to be called av500 and they just changed the name to av600 for marketing reasons they even kept the part number the same.

These are the older technology and are a lot slower than the ones you see called 1000 or 2000.

All those numbers are fake. You might get 300mbps on the better units. The older ones like you link are well under 100mbps.

It is all going to be how fast a connection you really need and the value of paying more for the better units. Pretty much other than file download the older powerline units are more than fast enough for common application even watching video off the internet at 4k.
A added note on old house wiring. If you get really new wiring in the USA they now require what are called arc fault breakers pretty much on all circuits. Some brands of these seem to block powerline signals. So far I have not seen a list of which exact breakers but you see forum post saying powerline are working really bad in some houses with these new breakers.