Question Old HP Compaq NX9010 not posting?


Nov 27, 2019
Hello! I have an Old HP Compaq NX9010 lying around. so i thought i'd fix it up and see if she still works, and well, the answer is no :/ When i press the power button she turns on, the fans spin to max speed for 2 seconds and then stops, When i press the power button again it doesnt turn off, which hints to RAM issues, Only problem is i tried the RAM in a different PC and it worked? and the RAM does seem to be supported by the mobo and CPU. Any and all help is appreciated

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 SL725
RAM: 1x256 333MHz DDR RAM
It doesnt have any storage at the moment

UPDATE: I found out i need 266MHz RAM but i dont know where to find any, if someone knows where i can get some, please let me know
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Sounds like the RAM is fine.

If you take out all the ram and if the motherboard and cpu are fine, it should start beeping. If not, you've only got two things to swap and try--motherboard and cpu, which on a laptop aren't an easy fix.

Still, if it's in good condition, I would encourage you to find a used one with a doner motherboard/cpu and restore the laptop. These are really valuable as portable vintage gaming systems and fetch a nice chunk on ebay when restored. :)