Jul 22, 2019
It was working fine until I left it sitting for about 9-10 months, now when I press the power button nothing happens. I’ve already put in a new battery and reset the PRAM and SMC.

I got a new laptop about 6 years ago to replace this one. I didn’t get around to trying to sell the old one for about 9-10 months. When I finally did blow the dust off and try to sell it it wouldn’t start. The laptop went back on the shelf where it would remain untouched for about another 5 years, until today. My current laptop is broken and I’m going on a trip in three days. I’d like something better than a phone to take with me so I thought of my trusty old ———late 2008 15” MacBook Pro (A1286).——— As I said above, I reset the PRAM and SMC and put in a new battery and still absolutely nothing happens when I press power. I charged the battery until the battery indicator on the side (which is the only thing working on the laptop right now) said it had a full charge then reset the PRAM and SMC again.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,