Old machine, new part!

Computer Down

Dec 12, 2008
The PC:
Barton 2600+ (462)
Mobo: AN35N Ultra v1.1 NForce2, 1gb PC3200 Super Talent 8,3,3,3.0
Installing: PNY 7600GS AGP 512-DDR2 540MHz

System boot shows CPU @ 1150MHz, it should read "2600+". That is what it displayed with the last 6600 GPU!

at boot system reads:
(AN35SOOL) nVidia nForce Ultra 400+ MCP

Main Processor: AMD Anthlon XP 1150MHz should read "2600+"
Memory Test: 1048 ok!
Memory Frequency: 200MHz should be at 400MHz
Primary Master: Ok this is fine, machine will boot!

Warning! Now System is in Safe Mode
Re-setting CPU or Memory Ratio/Frequency in CMOS
At some point between GPU replacement, the jumper to the COMS was removed!
So I'm replacing a dead 6600 with a living 7600GS. I can boot into Windows with the new 7600 card installed and the old drivers installed. The PC boots into Windows @ 1150MHz, I went into Windows and uninstalled the video drives, then rebooted. PC rebooted at 1150MHz again, I than installed the latest nVidia drivers for the 7600GS AGP, then I rebooted. The PC booted @ 1150MHz still. The Warning is telling me that it is re-setting my CMOS, though all my CMOS settings still remain default, except for "initial display first". The Mobo recognizes the 7600GS in "Device Manager", but I can't figure how to get it to boot higher than 1150Mhz-CPU and 200MHz-FSB, when the CPU running speed should be around 2100MHz and 400MHz-FSB.

All CMOS settings regarding CPU voltage and ratio, memory voltage and AGP voltage are at default.
Chipset settings are default, "Optimal, 200MHz(default)" and "Memory Frequncy, auto-detect(default)".

Anyone think they can understand what I have described and can help me out, help would be much appreciated!

Thank you in advance,


Sep 4, 2007
The AMD 2600 runs at 2.13 ghz stock. From what I am gathering, the jumper on the motherboard has probably been removed and is in the wrong pin setting and has the fsb set incorrectly. If you go over your motherboard jumpers you will likely see a CMOS jumper setup with 3 pins. I believe theres another set of jumpers on that motherboard that has 4 pins. You will need to move those pins and restart the pc and see what fsb settings show when you boot. If you have your motherboard manual that will guide you to the correct pin settings, otherwise you will need to play around with it until it shows the correct cpu settings.

I believe your CMOS pins have been confused with the cpu fsb jumper pins...


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