Old PC stopped working, no sign of life if i try to turn it on, is it PSU?


Jun 18, 2013
Hi, the computer:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8200
GPU: Nvidia GT 9600

When my dad was using it, it turned off(stopped working), now if i try to turn it on there is no sign of life, no fans spinning, no led light on power button, nothing.

Im pretty sure that it's PSU, i just want to know if there is something else that might be before i buy a new PSU?
If the system you have is a pre built system, meaning from HP, Dell ect.

Then it is highly likely that the power supply is indeed the cause.
The system is quiet old now, and most power supply's as an average will last four to five years before they fail xStampede.

If you open up the side of the system case you will find that the PSU inside is about 450W as a rough guess.
The units Dell, HP fit to pre built systems they sell tend to be of a very low grade and quality xStampede.

And often don`t last very long to be honest.
Low end power supply units to keep build costs down for low to mid range pre built systems xStampede.

Before you by a new power supply, and I think you may have too.
Look on the back of the system and on the power supply unit it`s self, check to see if there is a rocker switch on the back of it and it is in the correct position for normal power delivery, and not turned off.

It may also be worth trying another power cable as it could be down to simply a blown fuse of the mains plug end if uk based ect.