Question Old PC with new BSOD and RAM issues


Oct 24, 2016
My trusty old computer has suddenly developed many strange BSOD issues, as well as some odd behavior suggestive of power supply, RAM, or even motherboard issues. Almost everything is about 9-10 years old, except for upgrading to an AMD FX-8370 a few years ago, and then adding the Samsung SSD last year. No overclocking, never did, all default settings.

Antec 750w PSU
AMD FX-8370
Samsung 860PRO 1TB SSD
Corsair Vengence DDR3 4MB x 4 PC1600
MSI HD6970 video card
Blue ray burner
4 TB Seagate drive
8 TB WD Red drive

The problems:

Various BSOD, and a few freezes. It always posts OK, but sometimes it will BSOD on startup, BSOD repeatedly, but then might work ok for an hour or two

At times SPD not recognizing the ram. At one point it still read 16 GB ram, but RAM Slot 3 was reading empty. I reinstalled them and got all 4 to recognize in BIOS and could see SPD on them all
I tried removing the RAM and unplugging/replugging things, no change
I then tried three sticks of RAM from a garage computer, it booted fine, but at first only recognized two of the sticks. This time no SPD on slot 2. I took out slot #2 and reseated it, then all 3 recognized, but then BSOD after an hour
I cleaned the ram with Deoxit and put Deoxit Gold on after, even sprayed the ram slots. The little fingers look cleaner, but then a BSOD after about an hour. I'm noticing more CRC errors with downloaded files as well.

I tried all the software commands to check for hard drive corruption or windows file issues, and was able to use a USB to update to Win 10 latest update, clean boot, reinstalled video and sound drivers, just about everything short of reinstalling windows, continues to BSOD and occasional freeze. I even put in a nice new CR2032 battery for the CMOS.

I've done windows memory testing, and also Mem86 overnight, neither one showed any errors. The only real change in my machine in the last year was installing the SSD, and then getting the 8tb drive. No other new parts, no new software, Windows Defender and Malwarebyte scans are clean.

So where do I begin? I ordered a bunch of new stuff to rebuild a new machine, including a new Seasonic 850, so I can swap that in when it arrives... As I said above, I have not just reinstalled windows yet.

What's the most logical way to proceed?
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Dec 16, 2015
Can we get an idea of what codes your BSOD screens show? That may be a starting point to what these issues might be.

Otherwise, am I understanding correctly that your memory seems to appear and disappear where recognition is concerned? If that is the case, my first thought is a failing motherboard.

But let's start with the BSOD codes first to see what Windows might be trying to say.

Thanks, and hope this helps!


Oct 24, 2016
I got a driver iqrl not less or equal, tcpip.sys failed.

The first time it restarted and didn’t freeze on the code, just restarted.

Then a few minutes later a hard freeze and no bsod.

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