Old pentium 3 issue


Jan 16, 2010
When the computer is turned on i get no screen nothing no posts no bios nothing. its not the video card because i KNOW it works so i thought it would be th processor. the processor gets a little warm but nothing to burn my finger.(this is with out a heat sink) but here is were the werid ness stuff happens if i pull up on the lever that locks the processor in place and then put it back down the processor heats up to were it WOULD BURN your finger but then it shuts down because it overheats. its werid i know the MB works because i took out the ram and booted it and i get beeps thats good. The ram works as far as i know. I also put every thing on a differnt MB and still strange thing.


Why would you consider trying to boot a PC with no HSF on the CPU ?

Anyway if you know for sure that the RAM & Video card are working then its more than likely the mobo / cpu socket. Have you tried checking the pins on the CPU ?