Question Old PSU vs newish GPU (pcie power adapter worries)

May 18, 2020
Hi this is my first full rebuild pc. Need some advice
I have a 650w ezcool PSU
i have an RX580 sapphire GPU which needs a 6pin and a 8pin (6pin+2 pcie)

the psu I have only has Molex and SATA and two 6pins

Can I use one of the 6pins to power the GPU, and either one of the following adapters?

6pin to 8pin pcie

Dual Molex to 6+2pin pcie

SATA to 6pin+2 pcie

If so which is the safest option , I have researched on forums and so far it’s been like 50/50, half the people say buy a new PSU as the damage could be overwhelming for the GPU and MotherBoard & the other half say it will work no issues?

So I’m a bit unsure if the adapter thing is possible? Any advice appreciated.

Which adapter would make a safe working temporary fix until I get a new PSU? Or is it simply not worth the risk?
The connectors are not so important as how much load and ampage each leg is capable of. If the 2x 6-pins each have sufficient amps, then a genuine (not fakes from china) HP part# 721859-001 has a solid build quality to convert 6-pin to 8-pin safely.
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