Old raid zero/ryzen not detected in new windows install

Jan 2, 2019
i searched alot and couldnt find something that matches my exact circumstances

so i have a ryzen cpu 1800x with an asus x370 prime pro with a normal s50 ssd plus a raid-0 consisting of 2x samsung evo ssds 1TB each ive been using in my music production studio

i cant remember how i set it to work, originally, everything working fine. i use raid 0 system to archive my sound libraries

i had to do a fresh windows install though, and to much of my surprise my raid zero is not installed and not seen in windows, although the individual drives show up as dynamic whatever something, but inactive

in my bios i can see the raid is not activated, so i guess ive been using this raid system in the (i hope im not messing name the name up) as AHCI or someetghing like that- since i didnt make any changes in bios i guess those are the original settings ive been using. So must have to do with something i need to install in windows,

please help me as this is my work computer and im basically stuck for 2 days not figuring this out

running windows 10 64bit