Question Old software fix


No disagreement.

I looked into reviving MYST myself quite some time ago.


Tinkered a bit and shelved it all for a rainy day. Likewise disposed of the disks somewhere along the way.

Do not know about Vista per se.

No harm in trying VM.


Other similar links can be found.

Overall much effort likely to be involved.

Might just work out one way or another - but I will and do concede that "rarely" is applicable.
Myst is available on both gog and steam for $5.
Gog is usually the go to option for games that old because gog makes sure to package the games with all the patches and updates needed to make it run on a modern system while on steam the dev is responsible for that and usually the devs don't do anything more than just release the original files.

if you want to try with your version usually the issue is with installing these old games and then they run normally so you could try doing that with a VM install the game move the files over and play on win 10.

Running the game in the VM will fail due to the lack of decent VGA driver for VM.
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