Old solution wasnt sufficient enough. Whoever hijacked my pc did so through the Boot drive (x:)

May 30, 2023
The solution i am referring to is https://forums.tomshardware.com/thr...ked-remotely-controlled.3748717/post-22602804 and legitimately my "go to" when I run into anything crazy. Not that it happens often or anything, but sometimes its best just to kill it with fire and start over.

Well unfortunately, that doesnt work this time. I have tried to wipe the drive and start over. And as soon as i get through the preliminary set up, the script thats hidden somewhere has already had ample time to do tghe work needed.

What it does? It sets up a virtual machine on my computer if it can and works at hiding everything it does by wiping logs and concealing itself until it has managed to put itself as the main admin and puts me in the virtual machine without clearance to do much. Which honestly wasnt that big of a deal. I worked my way back into the admin position and as soon as I had the authority to start making changes, They removed my own access to the OS.......FML, right?

Nah, no big deal, i still have control of the uefi and the recovery environment. SO i tried again. Only i removed all possible hiding places i could think of.. I first went into RE command prompt and rebuilt the boot sectors, killed the SSD with digital fire, and before I restarted with the bootable USB I unhooked the graphics card, removed the wifi card, reset the BIOS/CMOS using the pins on the motherboard, started with a different SSD from my other PC and the bootable USB i made with as much of the startup B.S. removed as i could just to allow me to get in as fast as possible after installing the OS.

And guess what..... The script was still hanging out somewhere...... somehow........ which leads me to this moment. I havent successfully removed it, but i have high hopes for this USB drive i just made to Flash the bios altogether, and i will repeat the entire process once again.

Pray to the digital powers that be that this actually works. if not, i suppose it is about time i Upgrade this pc anyway. could use a better motherboard, upgraded processor and more ram anyhow..... ugh