Question Old switch repair


Jan 28, 2016
Hello all,
the company i work for has just gotten some new security devices and they have let me have some of the old ones. such as a poe switch, it is a rather nice switch and i would like to get it going if possible.
above is a link to the switch in question.
From my poking and proding around inside the unit i have discovered that the power supply internally is dead. the mainboard that all the ports are on seems fine.
i do have a couple old atx power supplies kicking around and i am wondering if it is possible to somehow jump the board and make a custom enclosure, kind of a hobby. i can not find any references to the pcb online so i cant tell what voltage i should use and i dont wanna risk frying the board if possible....
Google for me does not answer anything tho or I am googling it wrong.
I would suggest you to use multimeter and probe which component failed in PSU. its kinda dangerous if you try to repair it.
I would go for bulged caps, then transformer, lastly those 3 pin chips are mosfets , you can test them with "Beep" on multimeter where are 2 silver contacts by each other (if it beeps when you probe those 2 legs its dead, if it doesnt its fine).

Or you could ask the manufacturer of this router if they can possibly help you?