Question Old v.92 PCI 56K Modem card won’t fit in Gigabyte z390 PCIe slots

Jul 19, 2019
I’m being forced to upgrade my computer by the sunsetting of Windows 7 and the resulting non-support by third party vendors for their Windows 7 version software. I’ve selected the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro motherboard and I’m transferring what I can salvage from my old system which ran on Asus PX58E motherboard. All is going well, but I can’t fit my Zoom Softmodem 3030 V.92 PCI 56K Modem card into any of the PCIe slots on the Z390. The power connector tab on the modem card closest to the rear plate is too large for any of the PCIe slots. Is there a PCIe 56K modem card available? Due to the requirements of my industry, I need to retain backwards compatibility with fax technology.