Question Old XPS 9550 showing signs of age when it should not .. ?


May 29, 2008
I have two laptops, both of which perform differently under same loads and I'm trying to figure out why. The CPU load in question here is just light stuff such as web browsing, document editing etc., so in my opinion neither laptop should show any signs of age, since both have a Core i7, SSDs, dedicated GPUs, and 16GB RAM.

First laptop is a 4 year old Dell XPS 9550, and second one is Surface Book 2 from last year which I have through work. The Dell XPS 9550 starts getting warmer (hovers in 60 C - 70 C range) even when doing web browsing or something, and it's fan gets moderately loud after 10-15 minutes just from this. But the Surface Book 2 doesn't show either of these traits. It runs smoothly without the fan getting loud at all or any temps rising much high.

So my question is, is the Dell XPS 9550 I have just showing its age now, or is there some other reason why its temps might be rising and why its fan gets louder sooner ?

A few things to note about the XPS 9550:

  1. When sitting completely idle, the temps are around 35 C - 45 C with no noticeable fan sound.
  2. I refreshed the thermal paste of the XPS 9550's CPU and GPU about a year ago, but I remember doing that it didn't really have any noticeable change in the temps I was getting then under normal loads.
  3. I also formatted the XPS 9550 last month and installed just the crucial stuff since then. I let Windows 10 install all the needed drivers without any bloatware from Dell's website.
Looking for advice on what's the issue with the Dell XPS 9550, if any ..