Question Older Games Never Work

Apr 19, 2020
For a while now I've been trying to replay some childhood games on my pc, she isn't that new in tech but not old either. For example, weeks ago I tried to play TF2, and the game would give me a tiny window in fullscreen, but it would be black. I wasn't able to escape it with alt+f4 or alt+tab or even task manager. Whatever I tried it would isntantly lock me back, forcing me to restart my pc. And now I've been trying to play the first Dishonored game, but instead of a black screen it's a white screen at 1080p, never loads and no sound, much like the TF2 case. I don't know what to do, doing the affinity trick didn't do anything, and forums didnt have my problem or were able to solve it but the solution didn't work for me. Is there anyone that could help me? My specs are R7 2700x, RX 580 8Gb, 16 gigs of ram.