Older system - Whats faster?

I have an older system made from parts sitting around and what not and im wondering what would be faster:

Intel P3 1000 EB (Coppermine/1000/133/256k)
+ Intel 815E chipset (ATA66, AGP2x, 512mb ram total)
Intel Celeron 1.1A @ 1.46 (Tualatin/1466/133/256)
+ VIA 82C694T Chipset (ATA100, AGP4X, 768mb ram total)

The Tualatin celeron has equal cache (plus the optimisations) as the P3 - would it be quicker with the higher FSB? Iv managed to overclock it simply by flicking the jumper from FSB100 to FSB133 with no vcore and its 100% stable (got no vcore options!!! - iv heard the Tualatin's are hard to overclock???).

So what would be faster? Would the extra ram (the board doesnt like the 3 sticks at once) and faster modes for IDE and AGP help? Or would the trusty old P3 1000 and Decent Intel board be better???


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Tualatins are EASY to overclock. At 1.65v you could probably hit 1.6GHz. I'd put the Tualatin on the Intel board. If you need a Tualatin adapter, Comgeeks sells one for $8 that has both voltage AND bus speed detection jumpers. That means without doing anything in BIOS you can set it to default at 133MHz bus and 1.65v...and overclock the bus from there!

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