Question Older titles like LOL and CS:GO freezing


Jul 30, 2018
So, basically, I have this problem with my system where when I try to run older games like LOL the game runs normally for a little bit at around 40% usage. Then after a few minutes the GPU usage drops to like around 20-30% then proceeds to spike to 100% and the game freezes. After a 10 second delay the game unfreezes and the gpu runs at around 20-30% usage again. I noticed that just before the spike to 100% the GPU is at the idle frequency of 1404 MHz then it seems to try to boost to around 1800 MHz because it sees that a game is running and then Freezes, and sometimes but rarely freezes the entire PC. I have found a band-aid fix by running a game like PUBG in the background while playing older titles, which keeps the usage at 40% on its own and the clock speed at 1800 MHz; the boost clock. I want to find a better solution to this problem, please help me.

Things I have tried doing:
  • Reinstalling windows
  • Using DDU for a clean driver install
  • Swapping out PSU to the current 850W gold PSU I have now
  • Changing the disk that the game is saved to
  • Updating Bios
My PC specs:
  • Asus Z370-e gaming MOBO
  • GTX 1080 ti from evga (watercooled in a custom loop)
  • Intel i5 8600k
  • XFX 850W gold PSU
-16Gb 3600 MHZ RAM
-Hp Nvme drive for boot
-Some 1 Tb hard-drive i have for long term storage

Please, give me some suggestions or solutions for my problem.

Thank you