[SOLVED] Oldies... i7-870 and GTX 770?

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Feb 25, 2020
This is with x3470 which is same chip, this xeon just has slightly better internal memory controller : https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/38823175

Around 4.1ghz should be possible with i7-870 for 24/7 use, from my experience but its always silicon lottery.

45nm chips can hold 1.45v for years on end if thermals are fine. My i7-875k has been 1.45v for 9 years without degration. Anyone who has westmere "lga1366" socket chips should stay below 1.40vcore and 1.325 vtt.

You guys talk like its ancient history but somehow my friends with new amd processors complain why they get less fps than me. Gamebreaker for amd was ryzen 5000 series, after that they truly went past intel in every category.
Yep, older processors can really still be usable especially with a good OC. A solid OC on the x3470 would put in the 3600's single thread performance imo:

People are too quick to dismiss older tech. While this is about using the OP's system for gaming, a system like that can still be used for regular productivity without missing a beat. Even lga775 systems can if they have enough ram. It's sad how much tech is trashed because it's deemed 'old'. Working hardware deserves to keep on working.


Aug 26, 2012
Sorry guys. I'm back. Life threw me some curve balls that I had to deal with first. All good now.

Lots of interesting information there. Thank you all. Especially NoizePMP for that treatise he provided. As I mentioned above early on, this is just a junk/fun build I wanted to put together because I had most of the parts laying around and needed a project. (My main gaming PC is a i5-10600k and RTX 2070. ) Plus I wanted to see what this old '09 Lynnfield CPU could still do with today's AAA games at max graphics settings. I'm not after any more FPS than my 60Hz monitor can display in V. refresh. I'll take it, of course ;) But it appears the once-mighty i7 @ 3.8GHz can even handle more GPU. My feeling is that there's some GPU bottleneck with the 770. I'm going to try my GTX 1660 just for kicks.

EDIT: GTX 1660 this time.
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