Sep 22, 2009

I finally received all the new parts for my new computer today and was putting it together when I hit a large problem regarding my sound card (OMEGA Striker). Because of the "extra" lip they added onto the faceplate (where it fits into the I/O panel) I can't fit it in the PCI slot in my Antec 1200. Now the lip does look to be a little bit warped, but I'm assuming that even if it was normal it still couldn't fit in the I/O panel.

Just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem, or knows someone who has, and knows of a way to maybe maneuver it in there. I've requested an RMA with Ncix, but since that will probably take until next week to go through I wanted to see if there was any known solutions/issues with this.

EDIT: I actually just removed the faceplate and the card fit in perfectly. Obvious problem being it's just hanging there with no support. So I mean either the faceplate is too fat, or the PCI slot on my board is too far over (new MSI PD55-GD80).


Mar 9, 2010
Hey I think I have a similar issue. I can plug in my mobo correctly but the 'lip' of the case is too far over and makes the mic jack in the back inaccessible. My FP connector seems to not be functional so I can only use the sound card's mic jack. Is there anyway to remove the lip without too much modding? I'm pretty much a total noob. =)