On board disk controllers


Apr 12, 2007
I'm sure everyone is tired of reading the "hi, this is my first post, etc" intro, so I'll skip it.

I'm looking into building my own system (which I have not done for a LONG time) and am researching into what motherboard to buy. Most of the results I've come up with fall into the Intel 965 family. Since that chipset doesn't have support for IDE drives anymore, the board manufactures are adding additional controllers to add that functionality. I'm sure this is old news to everyone, but its the buildup to my question.

From reviews that I've read people are havinging difficulties getting optical drives to work with this setup. This leaves me wondering if I'll be able to install windows on a IDE HD with an old IDE optical drive, or will I need to purchase new SATA versions for both? How does that work exactly?


Jan 31, 2006
While I'm running any 965 mobo I have to believe you can use a PATA hadd for your OS. IDE controllers have been around an awful long time and I can't image any reputable mobo mfg would put them on a board if they didn't work. Not sure what reviews you're reading regarding optical drives but I recently bought a new DVD burner and checked out some of the reviews on newegg before buying and don't remember noticing this was a frequently reported problem