On-board Graphics Not working but can hear the normal boot beep Asus P8H67-V

Dec 29, 2018
Hi there I am facing unique challenge in my Asus motherboard I will go straight to the point.

Normal configuration of my computer is as follow.

i5 3GHz
Asus p8h67-v
2x4gb ddr3
Nvidia GTS 450 1gb - Galaxy

When I am using computer with my Nvidia graphics card there is a problem in display where it gets distorted after few hours of usage.

I do see a blue screen after 5-6 hours of usage and then machine shuts down.

I have tried following things..
1. Change the ram one by one - did not help.
2. I tried removing the graphic card to verify if its graphic card problem or the motherboard.

However I am facing a unique challenge... that when I remove the external graphic card and boot using onboard graphic card I do not see any display on the monitor however I can hear the Normal POST beep sound.

I tried following things.
1. Reset motherboard by removing the CMOS for 5 second or more.

2. GPU boost enable disable using onboard button.

3. Reload bios using EZ flash utility.

4. Tried both HDMI and VGA cable on the onboard graphics.

When i plug-in the external graphic card i can see the display on monitor.

None of the above steps help me.

I am ready to replace faulty the part but I am not able to decide whether my motherboard is faulty or the graphic card is faulty.
Dec 29, 2018
General Information
Processor Name:====>>>Intel Core i5-2400
Original Processor Frequency:3100.0 MHz

CPU ID:====>>> 000206A7
CPU Brand Name:====>>>Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz
CPU Vendor:====>>> GenuineIntel
CPU Stepping:====>>> D2
CPU Code Name:====>>> Sandy Bridge-DT
CPU Technology:====>>>32 nm
CPU S-Spec:====>>> SR00Q
CPU Thermal Design Power (TDP): 95.0 W
CPU IA Cores Thermal Design Current (TDC): Unlimited
CPU GT Cores Thermal Design Current (TDC): 1023.9 A
CPU Power Limits (Max):power = 120.00 W, Time = 1.00 sec
CPU Power Limit 1 - Long Duration: Power = 120.00 W, Time = 1.00 sec [Locked]
CPU Power Limit 2 - Short Duration:power = Unlimited, Time = Unlimited [Locked]
CPU Max. Junction Temperature (Tj,max): 99 °C
CPU Type:====>>>Production Unit
CPU Platform:====>>> Socket H2 (LGA1155)
Microcode Update Revision:2D
Number of CPU Cores:4
Number of Logical CPUs:4