Question on-board RAM questions

Jan 3, 2020
I know what on-board & slot RAMs are.

1. A laptop has only on-board RAM. Will I have to replace just on-board RAM or whole motherboard, if this on-board RAM fails/dies completely?

2. A laptop has 4 GB on-board RAM & 4 GB slot RAM. Will motherboard/laptop keep working if 4 GB on-board RAM dies completely but 4 GB slot RAM does not die?

3. Is on-board RAM faster than slot RAM?


What make and model laptop?

1) If on-board RAM fails and if that is indeed the only issue then it may be possible to desolder and replace just that/those chip(s) and not the entire motherboard.

2) If the onboard RAM fails the laptop will likely continue using the remaining slotted RAM.

3) "Faster" - no. The laptop will only perform at the rate of the slowest RAM. So if you put in "faster" RAM via the slot, the laptop will run at the speed of the slower on-board RAM. And if you put slower RAM into the slot then the laptop will run based on the slower RAM.

There may also be some BIOS configuration settings involved as well.