Question Onboard Audio issue

Jan 19, 2023
Okay, I'm going crazy with multiple PC issues at the moment and I'm trying to figure out the main issue. I'm adding an audio setup to my stream/gaming pc and I have an issue with my gaming pc sensing the audio cables plugged into the onboard 3.5mm jacks in the back of the pc. The 3.5mm audio cables do work as they were originally being used on the streaming pc a few hours prior to the switch. Here is what my setup should look like

Stream PC< GoXLR (USB connection)<Line IN GoXLR to my HM-4 Amp (Headphone slot 1)< HM-4 Amp (Headphone slot 2 is being used for my headphones)< HM-4 Amp Input audio from my Schiit Modi/Magni Stack> Modi Usb to gaming PC.

The audio from my gaming PC and Headphones are heard on my streaming PC which is good, everything works as intended. Since the GoXLR has my Shure SM7B Plugged into the back of it, the streaming pc picks up that audio as well.
On the back of my GoXLR there is a Line Out and a Headphone jack, for the LINE OUT 3.5mm is going to the Gaming PC Microphone Line 3.5mm jack and the Headphone jack is going to the LINE IN on the back of the motherboard. The reason I have those two lines going to the gaming pc is to have the audio from my stream pc go to my gaming pc and then my microphone to work on my gaming pc if I need to talk in game.

When I go to my gaming PC Sound settings and see the Recording Tab, it shows the MICROPHONE and LINE IN greyed out enabled but saying the cable isn't connected.

I've reinstalled windows on a new drive, all the drivers for the motherboard, reinstalled RealTek audio drivers, all windows updates are done, graphics card updated as well.

Now before I go on about a theory I might have of why it won't work, after upgrading my cpu, ram, the m2 drive, and a 10gb pcie internet card I started getting Kernal Power 41 issues. I'm not sure if that's related to why the audio jacks aren't working or not but I never had an issue with any of this prior to upgrading those parts. I believe I did fix the Kernal Power 41 issue by turning off fast boot in power/sleep settings. I tried other outlets to rule that out as well.

The only Audio under recording that works but don't know how to connect something to it is the Realtak Stereo Mix. The headphone jack and microphone jack on the front panel don't work either, but all USB/other ports work as they should.

z490 Gaming Edge Wifi
3090 MSI Trio
750 Corsair
990 Pro Samsung m2 1tb
10gb pcie internet card

So everything above is what I've done, not sure what else to do because order a usb audio adapter.

So why the flip can't windows sense the cables connected to LINE IN and MICROPHONE and is it caused by the PSU possibly? Is there any other things I could download to check?

If it comes down to the motherboard being faulty, that's very odd just the audio jacks aren't working when they were a few months ago.