Onboard sound issues


Feb 24, 2006
Ok, i just recently bought the new MSI k8n diamonod plus motherboard. It comes with a built in Audigy SE sound chip. My problem is that i can not get 5.1 sound out of it, only get 2.1 sound.

I have installed the creative labs utility and drivers that come with the mobo and for whatever reason i can ping/test all 5 of my speakers in the utility, but if i try to use windows media player for any type of file or play any game i only get sound from the 2 front speakers. I look in the game sound settings and it doesnt even detect the audigy card; it thinks im using a standard ac97 soundboard chip.

I have looked in my device manager and all drivers are installed properly, no devices are conflicting, and there are no multiple audio devices to confuse the board. Furthermore, the sounds and accesories option on the control pannel is set and recognizes the audigy card, and is set for 5.1 surround sound audio.

Any ideas/solutions as to what is going on?

PS. i have installed every driver/update possible for all my system devices and programs.

specs are as followed:

MSI k8n diamond plus
AMD x2 3800+
XFX 7800GT x2
Corsair 1gb x2
600w psu
sata 250gb


Feb 4, 2006
Remember that to watch a DVD movie in true 5.1 sound your need to make sure your DVD player software has 5.1 encoding. Most OEM software DVD players that come with the drive do not come with this feature. You usually have to purchase an upgrade for it. Windows Media Player will not support 5.1 until you have installed a DVD player with 5.1 capabilities, nice huh? You could try downloading the K-Lite Software codec pack. It includes a free 5.1 codec and an older version of Windows Media Player to use it with. I wasn't happy with it, but you might have better luck.

Do your game settings allow you to set the SPEAKER output to 5.1? I know when I play CS:S it didn't give me any options as to which soundcard (i.e. NFORCE) I could use, it only asked how to output the sound, headphones, 2.1, 5.1 etc...

Sorry I couldn't be much more help.

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