Question One central gaming PC, one monitor 30m further away

Apr 22, 2020
Hi guys! I am looking into a new project, but I am not sure how can I achieve this exact thing in the best and efficient way (since it is used for gaming mainly so no delay).

I have a Mini-ITX build, without thunderbolt, and with 1x PCI Express (so no thunderbolt possible in any way). which is sitting in my bedroom, however when the evening falls, the other ones in the home want to sleep. So I need to move, and since my PC is fairly OP, I need to spend huge cash to have close to same performance in a new brand new computer. Therefore I am looking for any solution (the best one) without thunderbolt, for using a monitor in my desk space which is downstairs.

My computer will stay at my bedroom, but I will need a way to connect that monitor to my computer.. The distance is about 20-30m (30m is really the max max, its not that far). I am looking for the best way/solution to connect my monitor to that PC with minimal delay, close to none (if possible..) I looked trough active Display-port cables, but I am not sure if they are that reliable in gaming and if I am gonna notice any difference over short ones for gaming.

The best way for me should be wireless, in any way. Can be even trough a "simple computer" with ethernet etc etc, or with a display port cable, or any other way which makes me achieve this with the best delay/refresh rate to another monitor 20-30m away without building the same computer with that specs.

For USB I can just use a active USB cable, doesn't seem a big deal here. Mainly worried about the monitor.


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