Jan 5, 2020
I have a Sapphire Nitro+ RX480 4GB and i have a problem where one fan goes crazy whilst the other stays at normal RPM's. There are no temp spikes and the "bad" fan does this for several seconds or a few minutes and then goes back to normal, only to repeat this a couple of minutes later.

Altering fan speed manually in MSI Afterburner only causes the "good" fan to react.

So far i've tried:
-Updating the drivers,
-Opening the card and checking if all the fan plugs (and extensions for fan plugs) are properly connected,
-Changing the BIOS switch on the card to the other position.

Nothing worked and I'm worried that this is some sort of power issue given that my PSU only has 6 pin PCI cables and the GPU has an 8 pin connection. Could this be the problem? Still, can someone give me any tips on what to try?

Thanks in advance for the replies!
PS: I'm planning on upgrading my PSU anyway in the next month :D