One last Challenge for the people of TH....


Mar 3, 2014
So, I finally got all the kinks in my new pc worked out and everything is going well, except for the fact that there are some files, that i need, on a hard drive from my old PC. I tried just plugging it in, and it didnt seem to show up, and i would really, really, like not to have to format it, it's really just, not an option, so is there anyway i can get into the hard drive and retrieve the files without formatting it, just running it as an additional drive basically?
When you say it just did not show up.
Do you mean when connected to the computer the bios does not detect it.

Check in the bios of the board to confirm detection of new drive, or added drive.

If no drive is picked up by the bios.

Check the Sata data is connected and you have also connected power to the drive.

If you have. and the drive is detected in the bios.

And when loading into windows it is not present in the list of storage devices. (showing hard drives, dvd drives, memory slot card readers).

When you click on computer for example.
Please state if this problem.

Also can you include the version of windows os you currently have installed on your new build.

Then I can tell you how to make the drive appear to access it via windows.