Question One monitor goes black randomly when playing high intensity games

Nov 22, 2020
Recently got this Startech adapter to convert a Displayport from my RTX 2060 to DVI on my 144hz monitor since my monitor doesn't have displayport.

It works at 144hz 1080p with perfect picture quality but now quite often my monitor will turn black for a few seconds then come back. Everything on the computer stays running and the monitor stays switched on it just renders complete black. However this only happens when I'm playing DOOM Eternal and some other high intensity games. I've checked my GPU and CPU temperatures when playing and my CPU maxes at about 70c and my GPU at about 80c so I don't think that's the problem. I don't see what it could be apart from heat, so it might be the adapter getting too hot I'm not sure. If I leave it for a few minutes it will be longer before it starts again which further leads me to think it's a heat problem.
The adapter goes out of the displayport in my card and through a DVI cable into my monitor. It also has a powered USB that plugs into my monitor to give it power. I don't know if the adapter is faulty or if there's an issue with my monitor or if it's something else completely.

PC Specs
OS: Windows 10
CPU: i5-4690 3.50GHz
GPU: RTX 2060
Motherboard: Gigabyte H81M-S2H
Monitor: Acer GN246HL as primary (this is the one going black), BenQ GL2450 secondary (this one doesn't go black)

Would appreciate any help :)