Question One of my dual monitors (N-Vision) stopped working. No "No Signal" display but only with blinking led light on power. Can I fix it up by opening it?

Oct 28, 2021
I am using GTX 650 with dual monitors (LG and N-Vision) for the past year. One of my monitors (N-Vision) stopped working. There is just a blinking led light on the power button but no display and no "no signal" notification.

I am using the Dual Link DVI-I and Dual Link DVI-D of the GTX 650. I used an adaptor to test both with my LG monitor and both worked fine. Neither works for my N-Vision monitor.

Is there a way to fix the N-Vision monitor which is not turning on and with just a blinking led light or should it really be replaced? Can't really shell out that much as I am just getting back up out of the pandemic so I am looking if there is any possible solution like opening the monitor up and doing something about the parts inside (haven't done it before). *Yes, I need a second monitor so I could find work and do work more efficiently but a single monitor should be my only choice in case (stating in advance if there is anyone who loves to judge).

Thank you!

Note: I tried to check on other similar threads but can't find something that could help me open up a monitor. Kindly link if there is an existing one and I do apologize in advance if I asked the same question a second time.

Again, thank you all!