Question One of the Graphics card fans stops if I plug the LED connector after clean up


Jun 24, 2011
Hi there guys!
So, I just bought a Galax Geforce RTX 2080 TI OC white and it was working just fine. The temps were high, so I decided do disassemble it, clean up and change the thermal paste. After reassembling it and starting up the system, I noticed one of the two fans had stoped working.
I disassembled it again, inverted the cables and now the other fan stoped, so it wasn't the fan itself.
I thought the connector in the PCB was faulty, but suddenly I forgot to connect the LED cable in the graphics card and both the fans worked fine.
I tried to plug it in again and, again, the fan stoped.
What the hell? I have absolutely no idea what's going on.
I'm running it with the LEDs of so far...
Thanks in advance!!
Jan 13, 2022
Hi there! Is there any chance that you ‘spilled’ the thermal paste nearby the PCB connector? Thermal paste should be conductive but that might be the case tho.. or if u didn’t spilled it then how much thermal paste did u add? if its too much its also no good