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Question One of the PC in network can see other Computers but itself not discovrable, Please Help

Nov 21, 2019
OK here is the situation, we have 8 computers networked together in the same work group. 5 of the computers are with with Windows 10 home OS, 3 of the computers are with windows 10 pro OS.

For some reason, Only One of the computer with windows 10 pro OS, we can see all other computers connected on the network from this PC, but this PC itself is not discoverable from any other PC in Network

Here are the settings.

On both Private and Public Network
Network discovery is ON
File and Print Sharing is ON

All Network
Publick Folder Sharing is ON
128 bit encryption is ON
Password Protected sharing is ON

If you need any other information please let me know.

Please help me how can i make this PC discovarble to all other computers in same network. What else i can check ?