Question One of the Ram stick failing again and again. why ? need hel.p


May 30, 2015
My pc specs are
Mobo:- msi h510m pro-e
CPU:- core i5 11400f
Cooler:- Deepcool Gammaxx 400 v2
Ram:- 1 stick Adata xpg 8gb 2400mhz ddr4 Adata 2ndstick 8gb 2400 ddr4 ram (normal one without heat sink)
Both stick working together since july 2020 till 26 jan 2023
Psu:- Cooler master MWE v2 650w Bronse power supply ( 8 month old)
GPU :- Shapphire RX 6600 xt pulse bought on 26jan
Basic UPS
So on 26 jan when i installed my new gpu. When i booted my pc it booted with display but after installing amd drivers my pc was showing no display. So to turn off my pc but i have to turn of direct from PSU switch as there was no display After sevral psu switch reboot trying my old gpu to check my other component i found out that my hdmi cable wasnt properly connected to my gpu (facepalm).
So when all problem was solved i saw that one of my ram stick wasnt detected it was adata one without heat sink. I tried all method but it didnt work. So i got RMA on ram. For first month the rma ram worked perfectly but suddenly while playing days gone 2 days back my pc froze it had to be hard reboot . But while it booted again it froze when it reached windows logo. Then frezzes got worst and some time pc showed no display. So after looking around my pc i found out then it was happening with this new rma ram. So i removed it and ran single stick 8 gb ram and pc is working fine for last 2 days.
I got that rma faulty ram rma'ed again
But i wanna ask why is my ram failing again and again. It is always pluged in slot next to cpu under cpu heat sink fan.
And first time my ram completly failed when i put in my new gpu. And had to hard reboot it sevreal times. But my new rma'ed ram work perfectly for 1 month with my old ram as it had been working together since past 3 yaer before failing again with in a month of last failure

Why is my ram failed twice what can be the reason
(Sorry for bad english)


So on 26 jan when i installed my new gpu.
What GPU were you working with prior to the RX6600XT?

Mobo:- msi h510m pro-e
Might want to check and see what your current BIOS version is for your motherboard. As for your rams, can you pass on a picture with the stickered side facing the camera? Two different SKU's of ram can still constitute as mixing and matching(well, based off of an assumption of the sort of rams you're working with).