Question One of Two Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8GB RAM Sticks does not work anymore.

Oct 30, 2022
Dear community,

After 4 Years of use, one of my two Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 8GB RAM Sticks "stopped" working. It all started with my Asus ROG b450 f Motherboard which prevented from Booting by throwing out the beep code for RAM Error (one long, two short). Both RAM Stick's RGB light turns on when turning on the PC and they both keep lighting like usual. But when trying around if it's the RAM Slots or either the RAM itself, I found out that the problem is made by one of my two RAM Sticks. The RAM Stick has no flaws exept from one little scratch which was already there years ago. All pins look great and there are no scratches on them. My Questions are:

Is it normal that a brandnew RAM Stick stopps working after 4 Years?

Is it really broken if the RGB light still works fine?

I hope you can help me or atleast give me clarity.


Corsair ram will have a lifetime warranty.

Test each stick individually.
Run memtest86 or memtest86+
They boot from a usb stick and do not use windows.
You can download them here:
If you can run a full pass with NO errors, your ram should be ok.

Are both sticks from the same kit, or are they two individaul parts?
If they are both from the same kit, Corsair will replace them both.
Otherwise, they will replace only the defective stick.