Question One particular game keeps disconnecting, connection is fine. Problem is a bit nuanced, details inside


Feb 15, 2012
Hello there,

Router model is Humax HGB10R-02.

So, I've been having this problem for a long time now and have been trying to get it fixed to no avail. The explanation is a bit long but I will try to provide a TL;DR in the end.

It goes like this, I play Path of Exile and the game will boot me to the login screen at random, giving me a generic "unexpected disconnection" message. It is the only game where I have this issue. I have been decently thorough in trying to find out what the problem is. The internet connection is otherwise completely fine, I don't lose connection at all. Also worth noting I am on Ethernet, not wireless. This is more important than it would usually be as I'll tell you soon. Anyway, some of the things I've tried:

  • Windows Defender and Firewall off, all router firewalls off as well
  • Tried turning off UPNP
  • Changed to Cloudflare DNS and Google DNS, didn't help at all
  • Tried almost every setting available on the router, ticking every box I could find
  • Reset router to factory default
  • Malware Bytes scan, yielded 0 results
  • Tried sfc/scannow
  • Tried looking in Windows Event Viewer, nothing there when I get disconnected
  • Called my ISP, tech that came down couldn't identify the problem
So I kept looking. After scouring tens of pages of the PoE tech support forum and networking troubleshoot subreddits, I came across a list of hidden URL links for more configuration options for my router. That's when I was able to find the system logs. So I opened Path of Exile and left it running, waiting for the usual disconnect. When it came, I checked the syslogs and there was a particular set of messages there. I repeated these steps 5 or 6 more times and these sets of messages show up every single time I get disconnected, so it's extremely likely they are related. Here are these messages:

So... I have very limited knowledge of networking, so I had no clue what these meant. I asked around reddit and found out that radvd stands for "Router Advertisement" and these are packets regularly sent by a router. I was told this is related to IPV6 and that I should turn off IPV6 in order to troubleshoot. Problem is, this router does not have that option. There IS an option to turn off DHCPv6 under "IPV6 Autoconfig" but that does nothing. I turned it off [it's actually still turned off for days now] but if I go to test-ipv6, I get a 10/10 and my disconnection problem is still there. I have tried disabling IPV6 on my PC but that does not help. Whatever issue is happening, it's on the router's end. The tech who came down could not pin down the problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, here's the thing. I managed to find an old USB Wi-fi adapter I had... I disconnected my Ethernet cable and connected via wireless and I have been there idling in Path of Exile for hours now without a disconnect. And these warning messages do not show up anymore. So whatever this problem is, it seems to be caused by my PC connecting via Ethernet. From this point on I don't know how to proceed. Googling that DNS message yields very limited results. I will call my ISP on monday and see if they can send down another tech. In the meantime I'm open to any ideas.

If there's anything I missed, please let me know.

TL;DR: when I get disconnected in Path of Exile, the router syslogs show those messages in the image posted. Problem occurs in Ethernet but does not occur when connected via Wi-fi. Those DNS messages only show up when I have my PC connected via Ethernet.