One PC, 3 gamers, how will can we keep our saves seperate?


May 13, 2010
I currently have a gaming PC in my man cave. I'm getting one for the family room. The one in the family room will mostly be used by my 2 boys, but I'm sure I'll end up using it as well. How does PC gaming work in regards to this ? Is there a way to keep seperate saved games ? I do have a Steam account, but I also have a number of games bought thru Amazon that aren't attatched to Steam. I have a couple of Origin games.

With an Xbox 360 or a PS3, you just have to have a specific gamertag, and it keeps track of your saves that way, so you can have a family of 5 all be playing Skyrim on the 360, and they all have their own saves. I know that such a setup isn't really possible on PC, but is there some way to keep track of different saves and basically do some kind of work-around ?


Feb 5, 2010

make seperate accounts on the windows pc and that will keep the saves different, sadly i think that you cant have more than 1 on steam but correct me if im wrong


Dec 25, 2012
Well im not sure which kind of games you have that dont go through some kind of account log, but the older games I know of when you save you can name your save file. So when you go to load there are named saves. Only issue with this, if they dont pay attention they can override your save and then all ur work is gone.


Dec 16, 2012
For every game, there is always a corresponding save file. To avoid mix ups in your saved games, it's best that you create a separate folder named after each player and copy each of your saved files to those folders. Do this everytime you log out.

If you have a Windows OS, you can go to the saved file of a game by right clicking on the game Icon ---> select Properties ---> Find Target.

You will be sent to the game folder and there you should find "Save" or "Saved Files".

You need to copy those to your respective folders everytime you end the game and copy them back before playing.