Question One single case fan won't work no matter where it's plugged in ?


Apr 13, 2020
The fan in question is one of the default ones that came with the Corsair 275R Black. The case came with three case fans. Two in front, and one in back. I added a third to the front. I am using the three CHA_FAN slots on my ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus and for the fourth I am using the AIO pin slot. I've tried using all slots and the fan doesn't work no matter where I plug it in, but all the other fans work. Could the fan be dead or could it have to do with the fact I'm using the AIO slot?


You're going to have to mention the make and model of your AIO and include an image(or images) of how the fan is tethered to said AIO. Does the fan work on the motherboard's fan header on it's own? If so, then you might want to look into a 3pin fan splitter to have your case fans off of one header on the motherboard.

If the fan in question doesn't operate on another platform's fan header, then the issue is that the fan is the culprit.