Question One, two or three monitors to support both Linux and Mac computers running at the same time!?


Feb 29, 2012
Hi all. I'm currently working with a System76 Oryx Pro (16 core, 64GB RAM, RTX 2080) and a 2019 16" MacBook Pro (base $2799 model). I will probably be building a desktop here shortly (although the System76 can handle streaming just fine) for streaming as I do a lot of mentoring through Discord and screen sharing and figured this would be a better way to reach more people (I'm not in it for money, I genuinely love teaching/helping people).

I recently sold my house, along with everything in it and moved from Austin, TX to Michigan. I've been in the re-buying process (of everything) since getting here and finally starting to be able to get back to a normal life/workflow. I need my monitors!

I ordered 2 LG 27UK850-W and set one up today (to my System76). It looks fine (yes, I know it's 4K but I set it to 1080p in PopOS) but I just feel like it's lagging just a little bit; just a little bit of stutter. Hard to describe. I'm coming from a Dell U2715H (one of the greatest monitors of all time imo) and an LG 27UD88-W (great Mac monitor if you don't want to buy the Apple/LG one). No issues with either of those monitors.

I guess my question is this - can I fix the slight stutter/lag problem I'm having (I've never experienced this with an external monitor before) or should I get different monitors, or a single monitor, like a 49"?

I'm not opposed to a 49" - I'd want to be able to run both my Mac and my Linux laptops at the same time and on the same screen, and be able to use multiple panes for each per computer, if that makes sense (i.e. 3 panes on a 49" monitor - 2 main, larger panes for each computer - if I want to work off my Mac, I can setup 3 panes/zones so that it's like normal, as in being able to drag a window/program from one monitor to the other).

Refresh rate and input lag doesn't really matter to me (in the gaming sense) - I only play World of Warcraft on occasion (every couple years I'll play for 6 months or so) but mainly I just use them for work. I'm a penetration tester (hacker) and highly OCD so my window management is very important for both my mind and my workflow.

Open to suggestions - one large monitor (as long as I can use both computers at the same time), 2 27" or 3 24". Unfortunately, the way this corner desk is setup I don't have enough room to pull it out to use a monitor arm (maybe a 38" or 49" monitor will be the best?).

Anyway, any advice/input/recommendations would be greatly appreciated, along with links to reviews (Tom's Hardware,, etc). Have a great evening and stay safe!

Edit: No budget.
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