One-Write Plus Errors


May 22, 2012
My computer froze up while I was working in One Write Plus Version 8.02, voiding a transaction. I think this is what the problem stems from, however that was over a year ago and it may not be the problem at all.

Just within the past 2 days, I can work in the program on all aspects except for entering bills and paying bills. As soon as I hit the tab "Enter Purchases and Payments", the program freezes up and the error message I get is "Error occurred at line 1157, in file purchjnl.cpp and that the error is Invalid TR_EDITFL.G value". I close out the error screen and the program closes up.

Peachtree no longer supports this program (OWPW), however, there are tech supports out there that have aided me in the past. I just can’t seem to locate them.
I need to get this program functional again as soon as possible.

This program is running on Windows XP professional.

I am looking forward to an answer as soon as possible.

This may expedite things as my computer is 2 floors away from me and there are phones throughout the house.

You might find help here. If not do a search online if you can't remember.
Good idea to get some new software !
And, you have opened yourself up to all kinds of unwanted spam and phone calls - you should not put that info out on any public forum ! :non:

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